Reward and Recognition

At The Star Entertainment Group, we recognise the importance of sharing and celebrating our team members and leaders as well as their individual and collective stories. Together they set the benchmark for the delivery of guest service excellence. The Star Awards are our way of recognising and rewarding our top performers. Following team member feedback,   in the 2019 financial year the Group has made several changes ensuring that the significance and prestige of these awards are widely recognised. These changes include:

  • Aligning celebrations and events across the Group
  • Creation of a new ‘Team Award’ category to recognise our core value of true teamwork
  • A clear and transparent scoring system for nominees
  • An easier process to nominate recipients – with an online form.

Additionally, to demonstrate the Group’s appreciation of its team members, we have created the Annual Star Awards Gala – a red-carpet event which celebrates ‘Star Award’ winners and other ‘heroes’.


Junior Sous Chef,
Momofuku Seiōbo

Samantha is a talented chef, who’s dedicated and thoughtful work ethic has allowed her to take on a myriad of challenges where she has excelled beyond expectations.

Since commencing with The Star Culinary Institute in December 2014, Samantha has continually impressed our head chefs and the Institute’s management through her commitment to her craft. Samantha has delivered outstanding six-star hospitality experiences across The Star Sydney’s food and beverage offerings including the property’s signature restaurants, BLACK Bar & Grill, Sokyo and Momofuku Seiōbo where she is now a junior sous chef.

An energetic team player, Samantha is an inspiration to those around her and for the future of the industry.


Dealer/Floor Manager,
Treasury Brisbane

Vicki is the absolute epitome of all our Star Qualities and she delivers them with such boundless energy and enthusiasm. She is also a proactive supporter of all things that represent City Pride, diversity and culture, as well as team engagement initiatives.

Vicki is a true guest service champion and pro-actively drives guest promotions and offers, especially encouraging guests to join our loyalty program.

Vicki sets the bar high – the positive guest experiences she creates and the wonderful rapport she builds with others are a true inspiration, and we are fortunate to have Vicki as a representative of our team and The Star Entertainment Group.


Sous Chef,
The Star Gold Coast

Wayne embodies the essence of what our values at The Star Gold Coast represent. He takes ownership daily, is a true team player and assists all outlets with their requirements.

Generous with his time and expertise, Wayne welcomes and guides new starters and work experience students to take their first steps into the business. He leads by example and his leadership qualities are highlighted by the longevity of his team. Outside of his role, Wayne also inspires all our staff by creating and executing specialty themed meals for Christmas, Chinese New Year and Halloween, which reinvigorates the whole property.

Wayne is an understanding and passionate individual who is willing to go the extra mile to provide our internal and external guests with the best possible meals.


Learning & Development Coordinator,
The Star Entertainment Group

Rebecca is an integral member of The Star Entertainment Group’s People and Performance team for over nine years. In this time, she has led The Star Gold Coast’s ‘Welcome Day’ which introduces new team members to the property and has since inducted over 1,000 team members.

Rebecca is quick to support others, whilst also ensuring she is available for any task – nothing is too big or too small. Her authenticity and optimistic nature contribute to a positive work environment where everyone feels valued, which resonates throughout the organisation.

She consistently inspires team members to strive to be their best selves and deliver exceptional guest experiences.