The Star Entertainment Group provides a variety of engaging entertainment experiences at its properties.

Most of our guests enjoy gambling as part of their leisure and entertainment experience and do so within their financial means. Unfortunately, a small percentage of our guests may experience some difficulty in controlling their gambling.

The Group’s responsible gambling program promotes early identification and intervention with guests who may be exhibiting signs of problem gambling.

The objective of the responsible gambling program is to minimise the potential harm caused by gambling (such as financial hardship, emotional distress and relationship breakdown), and to provide guests with the ability to make informed decisions about managing their gambling behaviours. Each property operates under a ‘Responsible Gambling Code of Practice’ which sets the standards and requirements to be followed for the responsible delivery of gambling products and services.

Key operational elements of our responsible gambling program are:

  • We provide guests with readily accessible information about problem gambling, including symptoms and treatment options
  • We work with external support agencies to provide assistance to problem gamblers
  • We offer sensitive and confidential support to guests seeking to exclude themselves from attending one or more of our casinos (we have in place agreements with selected Gambling Help Services in Queensland and New South Wales to allow individuals to self-exclude from a casino without having to attend the casino in person)
  • We assist guests who have self-excluded from our casinos to also self-exclude from other gambling venues
  • Where we believe there is sufficient reason to do so, we exclude people who are at risk of gambling problems, including on the basis of third party information
  • We monitor the amount of time a guest spends on property and encourage regular breaks in play
  • We prevent intoxicated guests from participating in gambling activities
  • We prohibit the cashing of cheques to fund gambling activities (other than by prior arrangement)
  • We do not allow betting on credit terms
  • We conduct advertising and marketing campaigns in compliance with applicable regulations and industry codes of practice
  • Our security and surveillance staff are trained to prevent minors and excluded persons from gaining access to gaming areas.
  • We have a dedicated Responsible Gambling Team that oversees all areas of the responsible gambling program (including compliance with the Responsible Gambling Policy)across the Group.

Board oversight of our responsible gambling program is provided by the People, Culture and Social Responsibility Committee.

At each of our casinos, a Patron Liaison Manager from the Responsible Gambling Team supports the business in giving effect to the responsible gambling program. Each of the Patron Liaison Managers is a member of the National Association for Gambling Studies Inc., which is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote discussion and research into all areas of gambling activity. The Patron Liaison Managers report directly to the Group Manager Responsible Gambling.

The position of Group Manager Responsible Gambling was introduced in April 2019 to  manage the Responsible  Gambling Team and to drive continuous improvement of the responsible gambling program.  The newly created position reports directly to the Group General Manager Compliance and Responsible Gambling.

In Queensland, a Patron Liaison Manager attends Responsible Gambling Network meetings on the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

The meetings are conducted by the Gambling Help service in Queensland and are attended by industry participants and the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.  The Responsible Gambling Network provides a forum to exchange information and views about approaches to responsible gambling and finding solutions to improve the management of problem gambling.

A percentage of gaming taxes paid by the Group is directed to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund in Queensland (previously the Jupiters Casino Benefit fund).

In the 2019 financial year, the Group contributed $19.3 million to the Responsible Gambling Fund (NSW). Funds are allocated, through the New South Wales government, to support various projects and services that aim to reduce and prevent the potential harms associated with problem gambling.

In New South Wales, we engage BetCare, a dedicated independent counselling service, to provide assistance for distressed guests, including 24/7 crisis intervention. BetCare also assists with gambling assessments for guests seeking revocation of self-exclusion agreements and provides specialised responsible gambling training to our Responsible Gambling Liaison Officers. We are finalising arrangements to provide the same support services for our Queensland casinos.

In New South Wales and the Gold Coast we have completed Guest Support Centres, readily accessible from the main gaming area, to offer guests safe and discrete access to specialist gambling support and counselling services. The Guest Support Centre in our Brisbane casino will be completed in FY2020.






Excessive consumption of alcohol can have serious adverse health, social and economic consequences for individuals, their family and friends, and for the broader community.

The Group’s responsible service of alcohol (RSA) practices comply with relevant state-based legislation, regulations and liquor licences supported by a group RSA policy framework

At each property, all team members who are directly involved in the service or supply of alcohol, including those supervising or managing these processes, must have a current RSA training course certificate. All other employees are also required to complete in-house RSA training upon commencement of employment, even though they are not directly involved in the service or supply of alcohol.

In addition to strict refusal of entry policies, each property has in place processes for:

  • Monitoring that guests on the premises are not unduly affected by excess consumption of alcohol
  • Empowering food and beverage managers to identify high-risk periods and manage consumption by limiting the amount of drinks that can be purchased at any one time
  • Mandatory reporting of all serious RSA related incidents (to be documented within the approved incident reporting databases and records).
  • The Group’s properties have also taken the following measures to support responsible service  of alcohol:
  • The use of toughened or tempered glass for many of the beverages served in the public areas of the Gold Coast and Brisbane casino properties (excluding restaurants)
  • The use of toughened or tempered glass in the main gaming floor venues and the use of plastic drinking vessels at Sky Terrace, the Sports Bar and Marquee Nightclub during restricted periods at The Star Sydney.
  • 24/7 security and surveillance operations
  • Over 400 team members ensuring continuous guest safety, security and monitoring across all three properties
  • Each property maintains and incidents register, while an internal compliance team reviews all requirements and conducts regular audits to support compliance with relevant legislation and policies
  • $10 million total surveillance technology investment including introduction of facial recognition at The Star Sydney.

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